Resume is the first step for any job selection. After selecting it, you are invited to interview. Not only that but you’ll be questioned about your resume. That is why before facing any job interview, our elders always advice us to read it seriously.


1. Avoid the use of difficult words: Do not use difficult words in your resume. If you think that using tough words in your resume will make impression good then you may be wrong. Please try to use such words which are commonly spoken. But if you are using tough words then you also must know their meaning.
2. Take care of font: While preparing resume you must take special care of fonts. Using large or more fonts can make your resume looks weird and can make a worse impression. Times New Roman font and font size from 12 to 14 is considered standard.


3. Avoid unnecessary [ SPACE ] : If you think by using more space your resume looks will be good and clear then you may be wrong. Lots and lots of white space spoil the look of your resume. Use the space only when it is necessary.


4. Do not create a long resume forcefully: Normally we think that making a long resume of 3-4 page will show us more talented then you are wrong. Try to express your resume in few words. Long resume make the recruiter feel boring. Due to that recruiter may not read your resume properly, which may lead him to miss your important information.


5. Avoid Grammatical errors: Grammatical mistakes are often seen in resume and due to that you are giving bad impression to the recruiter before interview. Check the resume again and again and also show your resume to others or experts for check. Avoid spelling mistakes.


6. Know your subject: In your resume use information only if you are confident about it. Do not mention any topic or info that you don’t know. Often people try to make their resume bit heavy they mentioning unnecessary hard topics in resume even if they don’t know those topic or subject. This may make you feel embarrass in front of the recruiter.


7. Apply passport-sized photographs: An Ideal resume is incomplete without your photos.

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